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Welcome to the Marlborough Branch of the Vintage Car Club of New Zealand (Inc.) website.


The Marlborough Branch is based at Brayshaw Park, off Arthur Baker Place in Blenheim.

Formed in 1958 with 20 foundation members, we now have over 200 and more joining each month.

We have a weekly morning tea every Wednesday at 10 am, and our Committee meets on the first Wednesday of the month at 9 am.

We have a very comprehensive Parts Complex, which has parts for all the makes you can think of and probably some you have never heard of.

We also have a library with books, magazines and articles covering every aspect of motoring.

We have a busy calendar of events and outings and the pictures you see on this website reflect all aspects of the clubs activities.

If you are visiting Marlborough  feel free to come and see us. Our museum is open every Sunday (except Christmas Day), from 1-3pm or just call in for a cuppa on a Wednesday morning. You will always be welcome.

The Vintage Car Club of New Zealand (Inc.)

The Vintage Car Club of New Zealand (Inc.), is one of the largest motoring clubs in New Zealand. With over 8,000 members and many thousands of vehicles and motorcycles listed on the club’s database, the Vintage Car Club of New Zealand offers something for everyone. You don’t need to own a Vintage vehicle to become a member – our club caters for all cars, trucks and motorcycles over 30 years old.

The club has 36 branches throughout New Zealand and runs a variety of events to cater for all our members: tar-seal trundles, rural runs, hill-climbs, swap-meets and speed events as well as regular club evenings around the country for a yarn with like-minded enthusiasts.

Our members share a common appreciation for fascination of age, the individuality and the functional elegance of vehicles from a by-gone era. Club-eligible vehicles include Veteran, Vintage, Post War, Post 1960, Post 1980, Commercial, Motorcycle and Historic Racing vehicles.

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